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Cambridge Babylab

BabyPaL | GiggleDOT Collaboration

Fantastic News at the Cambridge Babylab!

Do you have a 6-7 month old Little Scientist that loves to laugh & is inquisitive about the world? BabyPaL & GiggleDOT are teaming up for a brand new fNIRS & eye-tracking project!

UCL DOT-HUB’s GiggleDOT project aims to explore how babies brains allow them to communicate their emotions before they can talk, and BabyPaL seeks to explore how they learn to associate sounds and images from the ever-changing environment!

These questions will be explored using a baby-friendly brain imaging method that uses light to safely map the function of the brain as well as eye-tracking to see how your Little Scientist explores the images in front of them!

These projects will be underway shortly, but in the meantime if you have a Little Scientist who will be 6-7 months old in the next couple of months, get in touch!

If you are interested in participating in this research study, then please contact either the Cambridge Babylab (, Dr Ellie Smith ( or Addison Billing directly (

We look forward to seeing you in the Cambridge Babylab Soon! - Ellie & Addison