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Cambridge Babylab


Following the easing of Lockdown 3.0 restrictions last week, the Cambridge Babylab has reopened and is ready when you are!

Ellie & Addie are back at it recruiting 6-7 month-olds to take part in the BabyPaL & GiggleDOT projects! If you know a Little Scientist who loves to laugh and is inquisitive about the world, this is the study for you! Get in touch!

The BabyPaL Study is interested in exploring how the infant brain learns to build associations between sounds and pictures and how, once they have learnt these associations their learning adapts if we present them with something new. You can find out more about us on the Cambridge Babylab website: 


The GiggleDOT Study is interested in how infant's social behaviour, in particular, laughing, develops over the first year of life. You can find out more about us on the Cambridge Babylab website:


We have a number of in-lab studies on the horizon that we look forward to inviting you to!

PIPKIN should begin their study towards the end of May and are interested in tracking infant development, particularly the development of brain mechanisms related to social interaction, from the third trimester of pregnancy to the first few months of the infants’ life, investigating how the infant’s brain is shaped by social interactions and the environment around the child. They will use ultrasound to study the infant in the womb, and neuroimaging techniques such as Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) and Electroencephalography (EEG) to track brain development over the first 6 months of life! Keep an eye on our website for news on when they start testing!


We look forward to seeing you in the Lab again soon!