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What is the BabyRhythm Project? Good question!

In this video Researcher Natasha gives a brief overview about the research we are doing here in the Centre for Neuroscience in Education, seeing how babies can learn language and the possible impact on future learning.

Clapping, dancing, and singing along to music are so much fun that even babies like to get in on it! But how important is rhythm for babies’ learning and brain development? The CNE Babylab are running a live webinar on Saturday 3rd April where they will be doing a Q&A session with our researchers to find out how rhythms in language, music and movement play a role in early learning. We’ll show you some fun games we use in our work with babies and toddlers to get them moving and grooving! Register here!

A big thank you to all of our BabyRhythm families for taking part in our research!


With gratitude to Dr Ellie Smith for some of the footage used in this video.

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The research of the CNE Babylab is funded by the European Research Council, Grant Agreement Number 694786